Christian Graber is biking in the winter

Biking in a Winter Wonderland


It’s about time to start my next trip. I need some more exercise in winter – especially because the last winter trip was partly a fail. I had to give up my biketrip to Porto, Portugal (starting in Austria) in Andorra la Vella because I couldn’t bear the pain in my knees anymore.

As of now I have been biking almost every county in Europe (except Denmark) there is no new country I could conquer this year. So I decided to bike from my new hometown – Bern (CH) – to my organic apple-farm and my parents in Kumberg (AUT).

I don’t know how long I have to bike for this 830km (515mi) long distance – but I want to do it as fast as possible. I will be confronted with wind, rain or snow and the cold temperatures of December – which will be around 0°C (32°F). To make it a little bit more difficult I will try to be as independent as possible from other’s help. So I simply decided to be in charge of my own

• navigation,
• sports nutrition and
• energy supply for electronic equipment.


I will start on December 21st at about 08:00am in front of the student’s home, where I live, and I want to be at home in Austria the latest on December 24th at 06:00pm. The power of my dynamo in the front wheel, will hopefully guide me through the longest nights of a year with more than 15 hours of darkness in our latitude. This will mean another 20 watts more for me to push in my pedals, but I can stay independent.


Written by: christian