Finally… A few days before the start of my next trip – I can present the idea of this journey.

It’s the first time that I won’t travel just by bike. I will also travel by kayak which was the hour of birth of captain graybeard – the pirate with the reddish brown beard. A mystical contemporary who needs to find his way through Europe and you’ll never guess… He’s also interested in nutrition and sports.

Man or Myth

Captain Graybeard: Man or Myth?

He mostly travels undercover because pirates are not seen as the heroic and passionate rockstars of the seas anymore. Nevertheless he tries to conquer a whole continent just by using his own muscular power. His one and only quest is to reach the highest point of Europe, which will start on May 18th in Nieuwerkerk aan den Ijssel.

Stay tuned…

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The route is now fixed



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Written by: christian